QR PAY is a young and innovator R&D company which provides special softwares and mobile applications. QR PAY aims to develope innovative ,relieble and secure projects and sustain customer satisfaction since its inseption. The first step before we start to develope a project is understanding needs. According to the needs which correctly identfied , QR PAY aims to add vision to all demands by providing simple , relieble and convinent solutions. We use the current technology solutions efficently to provide you quality services and useful products.

The number of things you can do in your application is increasing. We make our product planning according to the needs and wishes of the day and add new features as soon as possible.

Take Action to Win

Contact us now to ensure your business's presence in the digital world. We are ready to help you.

Dive into the Digital World

Present your company's brand value with a visionary design with a web site package that offers unlimited page options!

Increase your contact power to your target groups!

Increase your sales with the online e-commerce site where you can sell your products and receive payment from bank cards.

Web Design

We offer innovative designs tailored to our customers' wishes and purpose.In creating these designs, we use appropriate materials that we can get through avoiding unnecessary image pollution.After we get your confirmation on design , we make last ciritics and reach the ideal version.The company has the opportunity to introduce itself and its products through a web site and reach more customers. It has the opportunity to multiply sales and thus turnover with less expense. you will have the opportunity to establish new business contacts..That's why a website has such an importance.

E-Commerce Website

Increase your sales with an e-commerce site where you can sell your products and services from the internet and receive payment by debit card / credit card.

*We provide unlimited revision rights for the desired area of your site in the design processes and thus we aim to make a user-friendly e-commerce site according to your wishes.

*You can benefit from our free technical support service for the management of your site and get the answers to your questions.

Developing Mobile Application

After analyzing your target and wishes, we develop Android and IOS applications by offering the best mobile application design and functionality.If you haven't taken your place in this rapidly developing world, it is a great benefit to create your mobile application right away to avoid losing prestige.Also note that mobile applications can deliver faster and more effective results on different platforms than websites.So you can instantly evaluate all the developments in the fast world of the internet to the benefit of your business.